How to Fund Healthy Eating!

There are grants for that, too…

When people ask me, “How to?” questions  about programs and grants, I have learned two important things that guide my response. First, be passionate about your mission because passion will make you plow through all the obstacles until the dream becomes reality. Second, since most programs require money or In-Kind donations. You have to make sure you can fund it. Of course all programs and grant requests should also be filtered through the requirements of the C.H.I.P.S.SM Principle.  But back to food! Great subject….

I am a healthy eater. In fact, some say it might be too healthy: gluten free, tons of veggies, no red meat, lots of salmon, light on the dairy, no junk-food, etc…In particular, non-GMO and organic choices are important to me. But I’m sure you’ve noticed that the healthier the food choice, the more expensive it is. That’s why the Simply Organic Giving Fund Grant caught my attention. This organization wants to fund projects that provide healthy, organic foods to those in need.  Local food banks have kept many families nourished by providing donated foods, canned goods, packaged foods, meats, dairy, bread and yummy desserts. So why not add organic options to the mix? If you or your organization has the passion of feeding those in need, think about the amazing collaborative effort you could facilitate for providing organic food! Your collaborators can be local farmers, from whom your organization can purchase organic staples. It would positively impact the farmers/growers and fulfill your mission to feed the hungry. The great thing is – there’s a grant to help you do it.

As always, the grant is there to assist your mission, and I am here to assist you with the grant. Win-Win! Schedule a no-obligation consultation. Or join my monthly newsletter to receive a free copy of my e-Book, “Fund Your Philanthropy“. Hope to hear from you soon!