Grant Writing

Funding a program or project is no small task.  In fact, it is a time-consuming adventure. Grants are only one piece of the puzzle. When I meet with clients, I become part of a fundraising team to help complete that puzzle.

I am Denise Whitley, Sole Member and Vested Manager of LDR ProSolutions. My experience with grants, programs and education has been both successful and diverse, including Federal, State, Corporate and Foundation grant awards.  Once a grant is awarded, that’s when the fun really begins! I have managed hundreds of thousands in grant dollars.  On the other hand, some of my grant proposals have been denied, which is part of the grants business.

I can’t promise you a grant award. But I can promise you my very best effort, work ethic and integrity.  So here’s how it works:

1. Your organization must be a Nonprofit, Government, Tribal, Educational or other not for profit entity. If your program is not affiliated with a nonprofit, it is possible to write a proposal using a pass-through entity. While there are grants for individuals, that is not my area of expertise.

2. Initial Consultation: I want to know all about your organization, its mission, programs, projects and budgets. This involves a visit either in person or by video. In order to become a part of your team, this is an important step. Consultation fees depend upon distance traveled and time spent. The average consultation fees are $250 for in-person visits and $125 for video meetings. I will do an initial phone consultation for free.

3. Proposal: I will present you with a formal proposal for my services, including a Scope of Work and hourly rates. Once you accept the proposal, it will become a contractual agreement. Contracts vary greatly – some organizations prefer annual agreements while others prefer per grant contracts. Either way, I can tailor this to your needs. Please note:  Exclusivity is reserved for long term contracts with a fixed annual rate.

4. Research: My next task will be to research the grant opportunities available to your cause, setting alerts to be notified of new opportunities.

5. Proposal Preparation: The writing begins! At each stage along the way, we will work together. I will be in communication with you by email and phone, setting up shared document files and collaborating with you.

6. When a grant proposal has been fully prepared, you will approve and submit it directly from your organization.



Together Everyone Achieves More!

Disclaimer: Please be advised that all materials produced by LDR ProSolutions, LLC and owner, agent Denise Whitley are for the purpose of advice only. LDR ProSolutions, LLC makes no representations that grant funding is guaranteed. Use of LDR ProSolutions, LLC services, website, materials, publications or education services does not guarantee a grant will be awarded.  We charge a fee that is project-based and do not accept payment from grant awards or a percentage of awards, which is unethical.