My consulting service is a spectrum of options to fit your needs.

Perhaps you already have a proposal writer but need some guidance for organizing award management - this service is for you.  Awards involve timelines, milestones, reporting, procurement and attention to detail.  I’ll help you develop a fool proof system so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Or perhaps you have been awarded a grant and have no idea where to begin – we can DO that. Maybe you just want someone to proofread and edit your proposal prior to submission - yep, we DO that.

Maybe your organization is fairly new and you’d like to see what opportunities are available – We can DO that too!

And we’ll chat about your goals!

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that all materials produced by LDR ProSolutions, LLC and owner, agent Denise Whitley are for the purpose of advice only. LDR ProSolutions, LLC makes no representations that grant funding is guaranteed. Use of LDR ProSolutions, LLC services, website, materials, publications or education services does not guarantee a grant will be awarded.  We charge a fee that is project-based and do not accept payment from grant awards or a percentage of award, which is unethical.