Four Strategies to Improve Collaboration

Group projects were the bane of my existence in college. My freshman year, I took a sociology class, and the professor thought it was a good idea to assign a group project instead of a final exam. I would take a final exam over a group project any day! I played the role of the … Read More

You Don’t Know Everything: The Importance of Professional Development

    The dreaded alarm starts buzzing; it’s Monday. The beginning of a new week should feel energizing, but, in reality, the prospect of working five consecutive days can be exhausting… mundane… uninspiring. How can you stay interested and interesting? As a former teacher, I always looked forward to professional development days. They provided a … Read More

There’s No One Like a Volunteer

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”                  – Sherry Anderson I have always admired a genuine heart, a comforting smile and one who gives with no pretense.  A volunteer is the embodiment of giving without expecting something in return.  In 2016, a nonprofit poll estimated that 25% of Americans engaged … Read More

Federal Grants: How to Decipher the Codes

If your organization receives federal grant funds, make sure you are familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Title 2.  You could literally write volumes of encyclopedias with the information contained in the C.F.R. So it’s imperative that you develop a working knowledge of them, how to find the codes that pertain to your … Read More

How to Avoid Supplanting in the World Of Grants

  What is supplanting, anyway? Supplanting is the use of Federal Funds to replace already designated funds. Technically, supplanting applies to State and Local Government units who receive Federal funding. However,  you shouldn’t engage in supplanting no matter what.  Supplanting defeats the purpose of grant awards. Let’s suppose your existing organizational budget includes the salary … Read More

SAFER Grant Awarded!

Yarnell Fire District, Yarnell, Arizona Established 1957 As grant writers know, the biggest reward is receiving that approval letter – the one that makes us do the happy dance! I write and manage grants for Yarnell Fire District (YFD). We’ve had a successful year in grants: Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) for a Source Capture … Read More

Someone’s Lack of Planning, Again

So, today’s workplaces, including home offices, are not islands. The realm of business is global and people work together inside a team. I like it! What I don’t like is when a team member drops the ball, forcing someone else to pick up slack. Sorry, but that is unacceptable behavior. I’m not talking about the … Read More