How To Find Grants For Youth Development

I enjoy writing grants that help fund youth projects.  In fact, three of my recently funded proposals were for education technology upgrades, a music program and a fire cadet program – all related to youth development and education. Thousands of entities are interested in funding projects related to our children. So where should you begin … Read More

Top 4 Things to Look for in a Grant Writer

I recently read a forum post where a gentleman asked, “I’ve been burned so many times by Grant Writers. Any tips on finding a good one?” Sadly, I’ve heard that before. There are steps you can take to ensure you’re hiring a person of utmost integrity. Here are four things to look for. A recently … Read More

Grant Writing: 4 Answers to Common Questions

The average person is uncertain about the grant writer’s role.  Case in point…”What exactly do you do?” a kind soul wonders. “I write grant proposals to help fund philanthropic programs, government agencies and community projects,” I respond. After pondering for a moment, the kind soul asks, “Can you write me a grant for paying my … Read More