A Grant Award for Bethel Hamliri!


Established in 2015, Bethel Hamliri, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to improve the quality of  health and life for Africans and the African-American community residing in the Bronx area of New York.  They accomplish this in several ways:

  1. A successful Food Box Program
  2. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
  3. Diabetes and Blood Pressure management outreach
  4. Free resources for healthy living, including tools to monitor blood pressure at home
  5. Health coaching and workshops
  6. CPR/BLS Certification classes
  7. Cancer Prevention education

Their mission supports a high percentage of African immigrants living at or below the national poverty level.  Bethel Hamliri’s members are avid collaborators who work closely with local hospitals, pharmacies, churches and have recently partnered with GrowNYC Green Market Program to assist those in need with healthy eating, education and lifestyles.  Bethel Hamliri serves a community in which more than 30% of the population is SNAP eligible.  They have applied with the USDA for EBT/SNAP capability.  Their current Food Box Program operates successfully and includes nutrition education.

In late 2018, founder and CEO, Franck Kabore, who immigrated to the United States from Burkina Faso in Africa, contacted me via LinkedIn regarding writing grants for this unique organization.  I was intrigued by the organization, and thus began a partnership with his mission.  Bethel Hamliri is a fairly young nonprofit, operating on a shoestring budget (less than $45,000) and speaking in their native language, French.  And yet, this group has accomplished tremendous benefits for low-income Africans residing in the Bronx, NY.  Through their outreach, health fairs, workshops and nutrition programs, they are developing an amazingly impactful philanthropic organization. And they are engaging volunteers to assist the effort.

Today, Bethel Hamliri received their first notification of a grant award – $10,000 for the FreshConnect Food Box Program, which depends upon accepting EBT/SNAP benefits.  This program requires Food Box Grant award recipients include 6 – 10 local farm products and 10 – 12 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in the food box shares, thereby promoting healthy, fresh food to SNAP eligible residents.

Bethel Hamliri and its leadership are the perfect example of the C.H.I.P.S. Principle® in action.  They empower their organization’s efforts by Collaborating with several agencies.  They empower Humanity, namely their target group of African residents, to take charge of their health and nutrition.  By collaborating and empowering humanity, they create maximum Impact for the greater good.  Continually expanding the organization’s capacity and new programming is known as Progress. And today’s fantastic news of a grant award is the first step toward Sustainability.

Congratulations, BH! You deserve this award, and we know you will bless many people with your Food Box Program.  I look forward to meeting you at the C.H.I.P.S Conference in October!


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