Attitude Check

In case you were wondering….you’re not the only one who occasionally has a really bad day. Not that I had a bad day – in fact today was wonderful in many ways. But I felt the need to tell you that you’re not alone. I am in awe of people who plow through a bad time no matter what. I recently met one. Hence the reason for this post.

Meet a Bad Day…

Cindy knows a bad day.  She woke up to an eviction notice.  Then her mother called from Tennessee to explain that Cindy’s father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  In an attempt to arrive at work on time, Cindy left the house in a rush, only to discover her car wouldn’t start.  Thanks to a jump from a neighbor, she was only 10 minutes late for work.   But the boss was unhappy and issued a written warning.  Oh, and that’s not all.  Just before lunch, Cindy realized she inadvertently left her wallet on the kitchen counter, which means she drove 30 miles without her driver’s license.  We could go on….

What’s really cool is that Cindy and I crossed paths in the Post Office at 1:10pm.  I was throwing away junk mail when this perky, friendly voice says, “Well, hello! You look like a sharp person.  Could you explain this medicare card to me?  Why am I receiving this?”  I explained what I could, since I honestly don’t know much about it. She responded, “You have made my day so much better, just because of your pleasant conversation and smile.”  I thanked her for the compliment, and she proceeded to tell me her troubles. But she didn’t do so with contempt. Instead, she made the woes sound like challenges and wondered what she could learn from it.  After five minutes, I was thanking her for her incredible inspiration.  I would have quit my whole life before noon if I had experienced her day.  But Cindy was determined to figure out why this day was happening and who she could help because of it.

To all the “Cindys” of the world, you’re someone’s hero.  Plow through and set the example. And – Thank you!