Community Involvement for Small Businesses

Getting involved in the community where you work has multiple benefits, whether you’re a non-profit, for-profit, private or public business, and it’s is easier than you think! The simple act of getting involved often fosters new relationships, which can directly lead to new business and shine a positive light on your company.

Giving back to your community by getting involved does not have to cost a fortune, nor does it require hours of planning. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Partner with another small business in town: This can be done in many different ways, and usually only requires a friendly phone call to get things started. Examples include using someone local for your business’s catering needs, adding another local business’s link to your website (and vise versa), or if your business has an admission fee/membership program, offer reciprocating benefits to employees/members of a like-minded business or group.

Participate in local events: By showing up, you’re showing support. This can be in the form of staffing a booth at a vendor fair, a parade entry, or offering your building as the venue for an upcoming meeting for a local group.

Sponsor a local sports team/club,or make a donation: Your business name on the back of 12 t-ball jerseys will be seen far and wide, and appreciated!Or you can sponsor the travel needs for the high school’s FBLA club, or provide dog food at the local animal shelter. The opportunities are endless!

And remember, the upside to your efforts not only has the potential to reach external entities, but also your employees alike. The fact is, employees are happier with a company that they feel good about. So what are you waiting for? Go get involved!