Guess What Happened Today?

I am so excited, I can’t even deal…For the first time EVER, two of my grant proposals were funded on the same day!  One of the things we Proposal Writers are use to is waiting – waiting for documents, waiting for approval, waiting for a grant application to open, waiting for a response to our … Read More

Control What You Can

When it comes to personal relationships, the biggest challenges in my life have always come when I step out of my realm of control.  There are only two things we humans can control: our own attitudes and our own actions.  It’s a hard concept to accept, but once we embrace it, life becomes more enjoyable. … Read More

Someone’s Lack of Planning, Again

So, today’s workplaces, including home offices, are not islands. The realm of business is global and people work together inside a team. I like it! What I don’t like is when a team member drops the ball, forcing someone else to pick up slack. Sorry, but that is unacceptable behavior. I’m not talking about the … Read More