Four Strategies to Improve Collaboration

Group projects were the bane of my existence in college. My freshman year, I took a sociology class, and the professor thought it was a good idea to assign a group project instead of a final exam. I would take a final exam over a group project any day! I played the role of the … Read More

Keto Diet Versus Paleo Diet

Let’s get ready to rumble. In the red corner weighing in at less than 50 grams of carbs per day is the ketogenic diet. It’s the undisputed champion fad diet taking over every health food section at grocery stores. In the blue corner weighing in at…. wait, we’re not sure… is the paleolithic diet. It’s … Read More

Five Ways to Reduce Chaos at Home

As a wife and mother, all I want is a peaceful home and a happy family. Some days, I feel “on top of it”. Those days are usually the ones when my three and five year old actually take a nap! Other days, it feels like there are forces pushing against my family’s well-being. Screen … Read More

The New Rules of Philanthropy

When I hear the word philanthropy, I think of a black tie affair teeming with wealthy white-haired couples. The charity ball scene from Dumb and Dumber comes to mind. Lloyd and Harry step down from a horse drawn carriage at the entrance of  “The Aspen Preservation Society’s Snow Owl Benefit” dressed in neon orange and … Read More

You Don’t Know Everything: The Importance of Professional Development

    The dreaded alarm starts buzzing; it’s Monday. The beginning of a new week should feel energizing, but, in reality, the prospect of working five consecutive days can be exhausting… mundane… uninspiring. How can you stay interested and interesting? As a former teacher, I always looked forward to professional development days. They provided a … Read More