A Picture’s Worth

A happy girl, enjoying nature and celebrating life with balloons – that’s how I feel right now! I have so many things to be grateful for. I was searching for a marketing photo for a promotion I’m involved in. But I came across this one, and felt compelled to share. Children are so adaptable and carefree. Sadly, many of them lack happiness, stable upbringing and even daily food. And yet, they know how to have fun no matter what else is going on. This photo reminds me to focus on good, leave the past where it belongs (behind me) and control only what I can, ME. There’s so much more this picture says. To me, it represents freedom, beauty, truth and light.  Owning my own business represents freedom. My cherished memories are beauty. My faithful friends are truth, and my Creator is light. I could rave for an hour about how this photo touched me. I guess a picture paints a thousand words after all.

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